By Jennifer Roche, Director of Human Resources

When I first met Marilyne she was applying for outreach services in the City of Kawartha Lakes. She is a very independent women who lives in her own home with her husband, cat and two beautiful dash hounds.

Marilyne had one worker that came to see her three times a week to assist her, however after a time the staff was unable to continue to fulfill these hours and we began looking for a replacement. We began discussing coming on board in our Supportive Housing program as we had a space available and we could secure any further supports she may need in the future. Marilyne was very hesitant about this because of so many different people coming through her doors and she felt it would be overwhelming being supported by so many different staff. She worried about trust issues and personality conflicts. After some discussions she felt she would give it a try, she knew she needed the support and would embrace the change even with reservations.

It’s been a few months now that Marilyne has been receiving supports everyday by the staff at City of Kawartha Lakes supporting housing. She says that her decision to come on board has changed her life. She says the staff are amazing, she looks forward to them coming and they brighten each day. Marilyne says that they always offer to do extra to make things easier or to run an errand, whatever she needs. This makes it easier to manage each day knowing staff would do whatever they could to help.


Marilyne has Multiple Sclerosis and it is very important that she exercise as much as she can. Marilyne enjoys walking and the staff assist her on these walks. They encourage her each day and her goal is to always attempt to go a little further. She feels comfortable with the staff and says making the decision to come on board in KPP housing has been one of the best decisions she has made. She says KPP is the best health care agency around.

Marilyne jokes that she has a hard time keeping all the girls names straight but laughs with the staff about it. The staff at City of Kawartha Lakes has made such a difference in her life, have lifted her spirits, make her laugh and have been such an important part of her life. They truly have had an impact on her life. These staff go above and beyond and solidify what KPP believes in and strives for.

Marilyne worked in the field and is a very good judge of quality service as she herself strived to provide the same level of care and support to clients.
We are so happy for Marilyne and thank her for allowing us to share her experience and a big thank you to our staff who do an excellent job each day and making such a positive impact on the clients we support.