Assessment Info

InterRAI CHA Assessment

KPP has implemented a common assessment tool called the InterRAI CHA (Community Health Assessment).  Community agencies across the province will  utilize this standard assessment to identify the type of support required.

The assessment will cover areas of physical and mental health, health history, your functional  abilities. This assessment will occur on an annual basis or if your health has substantially changed. The assessment and responses are captured on an electronic device (laptop computer or tablet) and will be used to accurately determine your individual needs and the type of support required.

The information gathered can be shared electronically with other agencies involved in your circle of care. It will mean that all the services providers in your circle of care will have the same up-to-date information to be able to meet your service needs. It will also enable us to see gaps or overlaps in your supports and be able to provide services where they are most needed.  Please note the information gathered cannot be shared without your express consent.

You can request a copy of the assessment information in your file by contacting your supervisor.

If you would like to know more about how your personal health information is handled and shared with other Health Service Providers, you can contact the Privacy officer at KPP. Download Privacy Brochure:


They will help you understand what it means to share your assessment and will be able to answer your questions.  Please contact our designated Privacy Co-ordinator at (705) 745-4122.